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Belize Recruitment Cost Calculator 2024

The Belize Recruitment Cost Calculator provides a "True Cost of an Employee Calculation" for the first year of employment when factoring holistic employment and startup costs. The calculator is designed to provide insight into the full costing model for employing a new employee in Belize and, together with iCalculator™'s Belize Payroll calculator for 2024, provide the gross employment costs of your current staff in Belize, help you budget employment costs in Belize for your financial year, anticipate staff costs for future expansions in Belize and review past costs in order to gauge future employment costs in Belize.

Belize Recruitment Cost Calculator 2024
Belize Recruitment Cost Calculator 2024: Salary Costs
*** Please enter the basic salary for your employee in Belize ***
Belize Recruitment Cost Calculator 2024: Benefits Costs
Belize Recruitment Cost Calculator 2024: Onboarding Costs
Belize Recruitment Cost Calculator 2024: Facilities / Other Costs
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Understanding the calculations behind the Belize Recruitment Cost Calculator 2024

Whether you are the Director of a multi-million organisation, setting up a new company in Belize , or have a business venture in Belize, knowing where your money goes and how much you spend on employment resources is essential. Staff costs in Belize are one of the biggest expenditures for a company, but it isn’t just wages that cost the business money, there are additional expenditures, known more commonly as 'on-costs' or 'onboarding-costs'.

Calculating the true cost of an employee in Belize can seem very complex but, as with most financial calculations with multiple elements, they can each be placed into simple cost buckets which allow us to provide a simple working formula:

tce = sc + bc + oc + fc


  • tce = The True Cost of an Employee in Belize
  • sc = Salary Costs in Belize
  • bc = Benefit Costs in Belize
  • oc = Onboarding Costs in Belize
  • fc = Facilities in Belize

Each of these costs includes a number of sub elements which are defined within the calculator where you can enter specific amounts or a percentage rate for benchmarking expenditure. Please review the supporting guide "Calculating the 'True Cost of an Employee in Belize' in 2024" which explains the associated costs computed within this calculator.

The True Cost of an Employee in Belize Calculator is similar to the Cost Per Hire Calculator with the addition of live income tax and salary deductions for an employee working in Belize in 2024.

Belize Cost of Employment: Tax Years available

We currently support the following tax years for employee cost calculations in Belize, if you require additional tax years, please get in touch and we can add them to the list of available tax years.